maandag 23 december 2013

Today's picture explained

What you need for these picture's are bad weather and 
a son who doesn't mind getting dizzy on the carroussel.
Set your camera on S or TV and select a shutterspeed of half a second and 
work from there. Maybe you will want to  go faster if you don't have a 
stabelized system or slower if it looks better or if you are working with a tripod.
turn on your little flashy thing on top o' the camera and set
the second curtain flash option. This is important for a natural effect.
Try out the difference between first and second curtain for yourself.
experiment with the shutterspeed and you'll have hours of fun or until your
kid is sick of the swing or you wich ever comes first.

Good luck

zaterdag 23 november 2013

Today's picture explained

Hello again,
Today's we have a picture of beautiful model Denise.
I got some help from mr. Maarten Zwierstra.
Maarten was holding up the sunbounce (check their website for some amazing tutorial video's here

We fitted the reflector with the flash bracket and we put the Flash (SB-600) on that to reflect the flash in the sunbounce. You can see it used here by steve Thornton to get the idea. 

I then set the camera on remote flash to and adjusted the flash to get the right exposure.
Maarten was doing a great job pointing the reflector in the right direction and I shot the picture.

With a bit of post processing in Lightroom it came out like this.

 Sunbounce reflectors come in all shapes and sizes, they have great products wich help you create great pictures.


vrijdag 22 november 2013

Todays pictures explained 'De oude raadskelder" Oldenzaal

Vandaag over foto's gemaakt voor De Oude Raadskelder, Puur, en J&H Winebar .  
Kijk op 

voor meer foto's en heerlijke gerechten.

Benodigdheden voor interieurfotografie: Camera, Groothoeklens (16-35 of 10-24 voor APS-C camera's), portretlens (50mm), goed statief.

voorbereiding is alles, Zet alle lichten en/kaarsen aan in het interieur dat je gaat fotograferen.
Kijk of alles goed staat en dat alles is opgeruimd. 
Bepaal van waar je wilt fotograferen. Probeer zoveel mogelijk naar het licht toe te fotograferen.
Let op of er niet te hard zonlicht door de ramen komt, als er vitrage aanwezig is doe deze dan dicht zodat het buitenlicht wordt verzacht.

Zet je statief op zo'n hoogte dat de camera halverwege het plafond en de vloer is en kantel de camera zo min mogelijk zodat de lensvertekening makkelijk achteraf te corrigeren is.

Zet de camera op diafragmavoorkeuze (A of Av ) met het diafragma op f 16 voor veel scherptediepte.
Laat de camera de sluitertijd bepalen en corrigeer evt. met de belichtingscompensatie ( + of - ) mocht de belichting anders uitpakken dan je gewenst had.

Als je de foto gaat maken zet dan de camera op de zelftimer of gebruik een afstandsbediening om trilling van de camera tegen te gaan.


woensdag 20 november 2013

Todays picture explained

This picture is made on a stormy afternoon on 
the beautifull island of Ameland out of the North of holland.

To get the stormclouds on the background in good light, 
you measure the 
light from the sky and set the apeture and shutterspeed 
according what your lightmeter tells you to set.
and then underexpose a little to bring out the gray sky more.

Turn on the flash and let it light the scene as is, 
set the flash exposure (under or over) on the flash depending on the distance
to the subject.

Some more examples :

See more pictures on Ivar Vicenzoni on Flickr

dinsdag 19 november 2013

Todays Picture explained

This portrait of Laura was made during 
a course I gave on model photography.

It’s A backlit situation with the sun low behind her . 
There was a busy street in the background so 
to cancel that out I took it a little low.

My camera, Nikon D 7000 was fitted with the SB-600 flash
 reflected against a white card for indirect (softer) fill flash.

The RAW file’s highlights were pulled back a little 
and the shadows in her face were lifted 
to create a low contrast hazy look.

More photos on ivar vicenzoni