zaterdag 23 november 2013

Today's picture explained

Hello again,
Today's we have a picture of beautiful model Denise.
I got some help from mr. Maarten Zwierstra.
Maarten was holding up the sunbounce (check their website for some amazing tutorial video's here

We fitted the reflector with the flash bracket and we put the Flash (SB-600) on that to reflect the flash in the sunbounce. You can see it used here by steve Thornton to get the idea. 

I then set the camera on remote flash to and adjusted the flash to get the right exposure.
Maarten was doing a great job pointing the reflector in the right direction and I shot the picture.

With a bit of post processing in Lightroom it came out like this.

 Sunbounce reflectors come in all shapes and sizes, they have great products wich help you create great pictures.


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